About Green Henry

Raffi’s late father Heinrich (Heiri or Henry) Büchi – a brilliant chemist, member of a Nobel prize winning team, gifted teacher, and visionary environmentalist – liked to call himself “The Green Henry” (after the classic Swiss novel Der grüne Heinrich by Gottfried Keller), alluding to his uncompromising green attitude.

In 1976, Henry and his wife (Raffi’s mother) Barbara entrusted the architect Max Kasper (one of the most important representatives of post-war modernism in Graubünden) with the planning and construction of a modern, energy-efficient single-family home on a plot in the center of Fläsch. The result was an architectural landmark far ahead of its time: the house we now call our Green Henry Lodge.

The name Green Henry Lodge is a tribute to Henry's love for the house in which he lived, worked, played his violin, read us stories and explained to us the night skies from 1976 until his death in February 2023. The name also represents Henry’s passion for nature, environmental conservation, sustainability, and energy efficiency – our guiding principles for our Green Henry Lodge.

What a beautiful twist of fate that award-winning Fläsch is one of Switzerland’s most progressive villages today, a role model in forward-looking development planning, conservation of nature and landscape, and sustainable growth (see Zukunft Fläsch 2028).

No village in Switzerland would suit our Green Henry Lodge better than Fläsch.